Video Phone Intelligent Era

Video Phone Intelligent era

Enterprise office communication is inseparable from the era of video phone

Network is a double-edged sword network has become a popular vocabulary in the past, people used to "you eat it?" Say hello, now a lot changed to "your network call it?", This change reflects the social progress, The development of science, the birth of a new era - the network video phone era. IP video phone has become a bridge between people to communicate, its importance is more and more irreplaceable.

Video phone is the era of Internet intelligence high-end Android IP phone, use 4.3-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, built-in WIFI access, great convenience to install. Using the world's cutting-edge Android? 4.2 operating system and ultra-high-definition voice technology to support 720P HD video calls to meet the enterprise desktop HD conference access needs. Video phone built-in small three-party video conferencing advanced features to support HDMI cast to high-definition TV, built-in six-way voice conference room and control, unrestricted at any time to convene a "face to face" voice and video conferencing. Support a strong local recording function, to meet the financial, insurance, government and enterprise large-scale advanced applications. Built-in Bluetooth system and smart phones can be synchronized between the address book, and intelligent call and dial-up functions into the video phone. Very easy to load Android enterprise applications, integration of Microsoft LYNC and Webrtc conference, video, voice, Chat function, and compatible with most of the world's UC platform App application. Open powerful powerful Android? VoIP? SDK and built-in browser technology, which greatly enriched the value-added business development and ICT industry information integration, driven by the global enterprise desktop phone intelligent high-speed development. The

 4.3 inch LCD capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 480 × 272, 5 virtual touch buttons, with stealth shutter tiltable megapixel CMOS camera. Built-in integrated Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR, WIFI (802.11b / g / n). It also has 11 function shortcuts: phone book, backspace, headset, mute, voicemail, hold, transfer, conference, send / Volume, hands-free; 3 dedicated Andrews phone keys: the main interface, menu, return. The color is high-grade atmospheric grade of the black, the bracket supports two angles optional, more support for wall installation. Handle and hands-free mode support for high-definition voice calls, full HD broadband audio and echo cancellation full-duplex speakerphone, high-fidelity sound support 6 SIP accounts including IPVideoTalk free account, 6 audio conference and 3 video Meeting, phone book to reach 1000 contacts, can call the history of call records to reach 1000. Support for Android 4.2 operating systems and a large number of third-party applications (including Skype, Microsoft Lync, Salesforce1, WebRTC, etc.), advanced SDK secondary development kit to support custom business application development and deployment control. Supports multiple languages such as English, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

 Dual 10M / 100M / 1000M adaptive network port, PoE power supply, Bluetooth, USB, SD, HDMI, support Plantronics EHS headphone jack.

Intelligent NAT traversal technology allows zero configuration deployment, plug and play.

Support TLS / SRTP / HTTPS encryption security, through the TR-069 issued encrypted XML configuration files in large quantities.

Compatible with the Grandstream video surveillance camera, you can watch real-time online monitoring video on the video phone screen and receive monitoring alarm.