On The Application Cloud Call Center Intelligent Routing Capabilities

Call Center in the country after more than 10 years of development, technology continues to mature. Meanwhile, perceptions of call center popularity and demand more and more mature and, for now, small and medium enterprises the penetration rates of the different uses of the call center also has been greatly improved, nearly hundreds of thousands of companies, in different forms and application of call center services to customers, or marketing, and so on. Call Centre from the Centre of the high cost of a decade ago to spread to small and medium enterprises today easy to use management tools of communication, and its popularity, managed service or call center and call center Telecom business model are closely related. The emergence and popularity of managed operation mode, make SME groups can quickly zero cost with the call center, using the services in a way that SMEs pay in reducing investment risk, but also operating service company, in shared in the fast-expanding the scale of customer service resources, enhance the value of the investment to find a profit model.

Regardless of mode of innovation also is technology of innovation, wants market of recognized, and customer of recognized, fundamental where also is to down do customer need of things, concept of innovation can won short of concern, and if wants to won customer of trust need of is station in customer of angle for its provides he by need of things, while do by can, do it, long to do it, long continued of focused build of professional, only can to customer brings real of value.