Internet Industry Matures Trillion Market Will Venture Into Hot Spots

President Zhang yaqin, President of the Commission pointed out that the Internet of things, whether to seek transformation of traditional enterprises, mass, Internet entrepreneurs and other technology companies, and is currently actively promoting the country of millions of innovative ideas, the Internet of things means opportunity not to be missed and will also include medical, education, logistics, finance, manufacturing and other industries have a profound impact.
From the perspective of market size in 2012, China's Internet market size of 365 billion yuan; previously forecast by the Ministry, to 2015 at the scale of China's Internet market will exceed 500 billion yuan. According to several third party predicted in 2015, China's Internet market will exceed 750 billion yuan. But in the next 5 years, the size of the market is expected to exceed one trillion yuan mark. Academician Yao jianquan told the economic information daily said, the forecast is not a figment of the imagination, IOT industry compound annual growth rate of more than 30%.