How To Choose A High Quality Telephone

1. to see if the telephone network license approved by the MOC Secretary of telecommunications, and to see if expired. To note is that original network, and was later cancelled network models, not to buy.
2. radio appearance quality checks: plastic casing looks bright and clean, no deformation, pinch without the plastic sewing machine shake free of debris. On your desktop should be steady, fastened without loose; fork springs and various key-no lag, display a clear and accurate. The functions consistent with the instructions explained.
3. sound check: after the phone to get an outside line, Bell loudest, send and receive voice clarity, free of distortion, noise, and weapons.
4. Select the phone function model according to their actual needs. Is not a function, the more the better, not applicable is actually used for a waste. Features a wide variety of phones, tend to be more trouble to use, prices are more expensive. Usual functions are commonly used: pulse w compatible tone dialing, last number redial, pause, handsfree, mute, and disturbing, and so on. According to actual need for the functionality they need to buy your phone.
5. try the phone handles, is comfortable with handy and earpiece around non-hand. People use the phone primarily operating the receiver, its appearance is on the one hand, more important is to look at the handset design is good or not, handle handle and listen to the ear comfort.