Led flags answering machine help you defuse crisis

Super long digital recording and are free to play, smart store, smart search, password management II, various recording mode, the answering machine function ... ...

Specifications: 20 hours and 50 hours, 90, 150, 300, 600, 1000 hour long digital recording telephone and meet the needs of frequent and regular recording, professional recording stores call recording;

Voice sampling, encoding, storage, restore the voice clearly, and recording complete;

Local recording, call voicemail, call recording multiple recording modes, prompts can record their own local recording function can be used as a live recording;
 Enquiries by serial number, dates, number several ways a query record, easily; on the LCD display has recorded the number of contacts, storage capacity and usage, users can fully grasp the recording time limit;

In order to meet the needs of different occasions, brought the flag's answering machine has two recording modes: answer recording and compulsory recording;

Secondary password settings, audio playback, remove permissions for data protection, common authorized users can only check the listen, only an administrator can remove the tape;

Connected with the PC via the USB interface to save and upload the recording data, and record management software extends the storage capacity of recording, recording data on the PC playback, also may be in other media players;